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Dec 23, 2012 5:25am EST
not provided -- it is a technology issue that i think to be fixed easily enough? second, it is just an issue they make a determination. is that a violation of fcra or a violation of the law? >> our purpose of putting together this paper that is characteristic of the work of all of our market teams is supposed to be prescriptive instead of descriptive. what we are describing is what we have heard. we have many tools and which we could make determinations about whether the law is being violated or not. in this is, that is what is going to happen. we have found this information is not being forwarded. >> is it a fair statement to say that consumers must provide evidence when they challenge a credit score, but the creditors are taken at their word? >> to describe the system that way i think would be accurate. you are saying the consumer can provide information. it will not get to the furniture necessarily in the way they provided it. does it provided into codes. it can be put into the limited text field. it can get to the furnisher. >> or maybe not passed on. >> of it is a separate docu
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1